101 in 1001, April Update

101 in 1001, April Update


Well I’m a little late, but I figure that’s ok considering the craziness of my life in the last two weeks. Between ballet exams last Thursday, Niagara Falls for competition Thursday-Sunday, house showings this week, start of the month books, teaching at IDCI, starting ticket sales, regular classes, photo day this Saturday, and a throwing up baby, I’m exhausted.

My first month progress went pretty well. I’ve been keeping up on wearing heels and jeans and not just wearing dance clothes every day (or almost every day). I managed to clean several bags of clothes out of my closet. We took Kelton swimming for the first timeĀ at the hotel in Niagara Falls last weekend. He wasn’t too sure about it at first, but was loving it by the end. It was so much fun! Dave has several pics I will have to try and get up.

For my book list I’m up to 3 of my 101. I’m not much for writing reviews on anything, but I figure I can rate them out of 5 stars.

Spin by Catherine McKenzie – 4/5 – Fun read, I enjoyed it.
Red Riding Hood – 2/5 – Could’ve been a good story, but it read like an underdeveloped teen novel. The writing was bad.
The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar – 1/5 – I honestly don’t know if a book could be any more depressing. It’s supposed to be a good book, but I’m really not getting it :/

Will have another update at the end of May!

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