101 in 1001, May Update

101 in 1001, May Update


Late again! May into the beginning of June is probably the busiest time of year for me at work, and then throw Kelton’s birthday in there and things got a little bit ridiculous. But now it’s summer!!

Not much in the way of updates for this month:

-I wore my heels haha
-I wore my jeans (which I’m thinking I need to revise to shorts for the summer- it’s hot out!)
-I left the house without makeup on (and yes, actually had people see me while I was out!)
-There was an article in the Ingersoll Times about DDC, even though I wasn’t really happy with it, it’s better than nothing
-I took K and Rollo to the park. It’s great now that the weather is nice, if we have a showing at the house I don’t have to deal with getting K and Rollo both in the truck – we just walk down the street to the park instead!

Book Updates for May:

I actually read more than I thought I would have time for this month.

Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn – 5/5 Loved this book. Would definitely recommend it. When I started I didn’t realize it was part of a series – now I need to find the others!

The Thorn by Beverly Lewis (Rose #1) – 5/5 Another really good one! I got lucky this month!

The Judgement by Beverly Lewis (Rose #2) – 4/5 Not as good as the second, but still worth reading. I am waiting impatiently until the last book comes out in the fall.


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