Finally Moved!

Finally Moved!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally moved into our new place! Hard to believe we started looking at houses last November, and it’s taken almost a full year to get our old place sold and find a new one. I am sooo happy to be finished with the whole moving process. Of course, now we’re in the middle of painting and unpacking, which will end up taking us a while. There are still boxes everywhere, and I never seem to be able to find anything. We got the kitchen/family room painted last weekend, and Dave is slowly starting on the living/dining room. Then all the bedrooms need to be done, but I think that will be done over Christmas.

In the week we’ve been here, I’m already loving how close I am to the studio, and to everything else. There’s not a 15min drive everytime I need to pick something up. Also, I’m loving the high speed internet! Now I have no excuse not to post more often, and no excuse not to upload pictures! It’s pretty amazing I went five years without high speed :/

A couple pics of the new house. More to come as we get unpacked!

(Lots to do out front in the gardens – the trees will all come out- but it will wait until spring)

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