101 Update – End of Summer Recap

101 Update – End of Summer Recap

I know, I know, it’s October and summer was over almost two months ago. In a perfect world I would actually update regularly, but even with the best intentions it never seems to happen. At least since it’s been so long I can knock several things off my list at once.

In Progress

1 Take at least one family photo each month (6/33) – Thanks Sasha 🙂
6 Teach K how to swim – in progress since it will be a while before he can do it on his own, but he’s back in swimming lessons this fall. Happily, he’s now big enough that we don’t actually have to get in the pool with him!
97 Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen before (4/10) – #4 Argo  


11 Take the boys mini golfing – Done, kind of, when we went to Santa’s Village in August. As well as can be done with a 1yr old and 3 yr old. J’s actually pretty good!
43 Get a new set of everyday dishes – Yesssss!
55 Go to the cottage – We visited while camping at Arrowhead in August!
65 Go for a boat ride – Also while we were at the cottage!
61 Take a trip on a train – It seems so long ago now, but early in the summer we went to Port Stanley to ride the train
Total – 28/101
Book Challenge Update
41 Next Dark-Hunter Book – Not Yet Released – Sherrilyn Kenyon – (Styxx) (3/5)
64 Purple, Green and Yellow – Robert Munsch (3/5)
 Freebie – 1356 – Bernard Cornwell (4/5)
Total: 21/101


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