101 in 1001 – March Update

101 in 1001 – March Update

I thought I’d take a few minutes to finally catch up on my 101 in 1001 since the snow today is killing any ambitions I may have had to accomplish anything outside the house! Here’s my partner in crime today:

It’s a pj kind of day around here!
The last time I updated my progress on my 101 Things in 1001 Days, it was October 2013. Oopps! At least I have several things to knock off my list!
22 Go a full month without using my visa once – Done! And doing a good job of keeping it to the minimums!
40 Find a place in the house to measure the boys – I bought one of these for Dave for Christmas. It’s up in our hallway upstairs, but this is just a similar one from pinterest:
44 Mail out Christmas cards – And they were handmade too!

68 Choreograph a full comp routine/production number – Done! Our full Ballet Company is in the same routine this year – no pictures yet, but can’t wait to get some of our Pirates in full costume for a photo soon!
88 Complete a crossword puzzle – I actually did this last summer while camping, but forgot to check it off last time I did an update.
94 Participate in NaNoWriMo – Ok, technically I participated. Didn’t complete it though. Since when is November a good month to try and write that many words? Haha maybe I will try again next year. I would probably do better if it was during the summer though.
In Progress
51 Send homemade Birthday cards to 8 people – Only 1 down. And I have the cards! Just haven’t sent them to anyone else! If your birthday is coming up, let me know!
30 Make a list of 101 Things I have already acheived in my life – Ok I started this months ago, thinking I would write down a few at a time. And it’s HARD. I’m revising this to 30 things I have already acheived.
89 Complete 5 recipies from Pinterest – 3/5 done (See! I’m learning to cook!)
97 Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen before – Adding Frozen, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, Nine, Toy Story 3 and Planes to the list. Up to 9/10.  I’m such a mom now – most of the movies I watch now are Disney! (and yeah, these are the only movies I’ve watched since October)
Up to 34/101 completed now, and 16 more that are in progress. Still a ways to go! My finish date is March 25, 2015 – lots to do before then!
I am plugging along with my book challenge as well – but will make that a second post!

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