Summer Activities

Summer Activities

As poor a job as I’m doing keeping up with my blog these days, I like to hope that I’ll post a little bit more through the summer. *Hope* being the key word there. No promises, but I do have a tiny bit more time on my hands.

The boys are getting big, K just turned 4 (and is starting school in September!) and J is 2.

We’ve done quite a bit since I finished up recital, but I have to admit I haven’t been very good about taking lots of photos.

We’ve been to Storybook Gardens:

(Anyone else find Humpty slightly creepy? Just me?)

K really wanted to try mini golfing. J was a bit young for it, but he can hit the ball pretty good when he wants to:

Last week we went to Hamilton. They have a great path along the beach and we spent the day bike riding, stopping at every playground we passed, having a picnic and watching the lift bridge go up. We did about 20km. J rides in the trailer behind Dave, and K has something called a gator that attaches to the back of my bike so he can ride his own bike. I really need to get a picture of it, these things are great. K did close to 16km behind me before he got too tired and hoped in the trailer with J (who did not want him there!).
One of the playgrounds we stopped at:

We’ve managed to get a camping trip in as well. We’ve kept ourselves busy this month!

The next couple of weeks will keep me busy with dance. Off to a course this week, and intensive next week, then the Folk Festival (dancing and crafts).


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