Postcard Memory Book

Postcard Memory Book

We started this the summer after J was born. Whenever we go away, whether as a family trip or just one of us, we try and mail a postcard home. It’s a great way for us to hold on to some memories of a vacation, keep track of where we’ve visited (even if it was just a day trip), or for the boys to get something special if Dave or I have been away. And of course, what kid doesn’t love to get mail??

Sometimes we don’t get around to mailing them, especially if it’s been a day trip somewhere, but I try and remember to pick one or two up from the gift shop and write a quick note on the back about what we did that day. They’ve been sitting in a box since we started, but I finally bought an album to put them in. We’ve amassed quite a little collection now, and I also found several postcards from when I was a kid (usually written by grandparents), and added those in as well. It already is a great sort of “memory book” and I know it will keep growing.

Going through the postcards, I realized I have more than completed #85 on my 101 Things list, which is Mail 20 postcards. One more crossed off the list, lots to go!

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