30 Things that Make Me Happy

30 Things that Make Me Happy

#25 on my list is to make a list of 30 Things that Make me Happy.

Which wasn’t too hard and didn’t take too long once I sat down to do it.

So here is my list, in absolutely no order, other than what came to my head first:

1. My family
2. Dance
3. Spending time with my husband and kids
4. Seeing the boys excel at something
5. Seeing my dancers excel at something
6. Hot Chocolate
7. Homemade cookies
8. A good book
9. Camping trips
10. Family vacations
11. New Clothes
12. Accomplishing/finishing something
13. Sleeping in
14. Watching my kids grow up
15. Seeing the world through my kids eyes
16. A clean house
17. Going skating
18. Watching something you are making take shape
19. Seeing my dancers get excited about something they are doing
20. Chocolate
21. Realizing winter is finally over and warm weather is finally here
22. Dinner out
23. Shopping
24. Biking
25. Reading with K
26. Hearing J learn to talk
27. Road trips
28. Hugs from my boys
29. Little surprises (NOT big ones)
30. Hearing “I love you” from my kids
One more thing crossed off my list! Working on an update post that will be up later today…less than a month until my challenge is done! ;0

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