101 in 1001 – Last Minute Update

101 in 1001 – Last Minute Update

In continuing my countdown to the end of my 101 challenge (5 days to go, eeek!), here’s a few things I’ve crossed off in the last week. 

4 Write a letter to K, to be opened when he’s 25
5 Write a letter to J, to be opened when he’s 25

13 Toilet train both boys (2/2) – It’s about time too! Finally think we are there with J, minus the occasional accident. 

 28 Learn to cook 3 new meals (3/3) and 89 Complete 5 recipes from Pinterest (5/5) – Two birds with one stone for this one. I’m not one for food photos, but here’s the link to the scored potatoes recipe I found on pinterest – http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/scored-potatoes We had it with barbequed steak and cheese garlic bread, mmmm. 

And this brings my total to 57/101. Realistically, I know this list will be far from complete on the 22nd, but I’ll see if I can get a couple more things done before then. 5 day countdown now! And even though I didn’t manage to finish everything on the list, I do have plans to give it another go – already brainstorming for my next list!

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