101 in 1001 – #95 Win 10 overalls/special awards/other awards

101 in 1001 – #95 Win 10 overalls/special awards/other awards

I cannot believe that only 4 days into the start of this challenge I can completely cross this off my list!  The goal was to get 10 awards over the course of the challenge. Yesterday was amazing! My dancers did not only reach this goal at yesterdays competition, they completely smashed it!

During my last 101 in 1001 this goal was also on my list, and during the 2 competition seasons we only reached 7 awards total. That’s ok – we know we are usually the smallest studio there, and my students don’t dance the same hours as some of these big pre-professional studios. But, we have been working hard and building, and it has completely paid off.

We walked away with 23 AWARDS yesterday. 23! I cannot even say how proud I am of these girls and their accomplishments! 

2 of the awards were special awards for Amazing Arms and Articulate Feet. 15 of them were overall awards, for top scores in their overall categories. Then we also we lucky enough to get some top awards of the competition – Top Pre-Competitive Musical Theatre routine, Top Competitive Tap routine, Top Competitive Musical Theatre Routine, Most Potential Mini Dancer, Most Potential Junior Dancer, Step Up Dance Camp Award and Highest Overall Solo mark of the competition! WOW!

That’s not it – We also won an ice cream party from DQ for having the cleanest changeroom! Ha! (While I can’t say our changeroom was clean – it sure wasn’t- it was probably the cleanest one there :p). 

It was an incredible day of achievements for these girls, and I know they are so excited. They should be proud of what they accomplished yesterday!


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