101 in 1001 – Monthly Update

101 in 1001 – Monthly Update

May is a busy month for me, with all the run up to recital, and the crazy amount of work involved with putting together a large scale production – hence the lack of posts since the end of April. Recital has been done for a week now and I’m still tying up loose ends and starting to get ready for next year. Is it summer yet?

I found some time to knock a few things off my list though, so here’s my update for the last month and a half:


#40 Fly a kite This was so much fun, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. K loved it. J tried so hard, but the kite just pulled him along in the wrong direction. And then we had tears when it fell out of the sky. I know the pictures are far away, but I was trying to get the kite in as well.

#56 Sleep in past 10am  This was on my list last time, and can you believe I never got to cross it off? In over 2.75 years I never once slept in past 10am. Ha happy to cross it off now! Although I did feel extremely guilty for having slept that late… (It was Mother’s Day)

#62 Buy a new pair of heels Done. And worn them twice already, much to K’s delight. No, I will not set up my shoes to get an artistic photo of them – but something rare, a photo of myself (in the shoes of course).

#80 Grow a vegetable garden We started a garden this year with the boys. Dave did an awesome job building up a small corner garden and making it bigger with wooden beams around it.

#82 Clean out my closet Finished it today actually. We finally got a new dresser so in moving all the clothes over to the new one, I was motivated to get the actual closet cleaned up as well. Managed to get rid of a full garbage bag of old clothes!

In Progress

#54 Finish reading all 101 books on my book challenge list I haven’t gotten around to that update yet, but I’ve added another 6 books to the list.

#59 Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen before (1/10) I watched The Hunger Games after we decided to use music from the movie for our finale at recital. It was ok, a little cheesy.

Total Completed: 8/101 So far so good!

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