101 in 1001 – Summer Update

101 in 1001 – Summer Update

It’s always crazy how fast summer flies by. We have intentions of a nice, relaxing summer with lots of family time, and then before you know it, it’s the end of August and there hasn’t been time to cross everything off your list that you wanted to do. This summer has gone insanely fast. I could use another month, but I’m down to a week before K heads back to school.

In between work and studio renovations, we did get to do a lot this summer. We’ve been working our way through quite a bit of the kids 101 Things to Do This Summer, though that post is for another day. My reading list has taken a hit – I don’t think I’ve picked up a book since July. And I’ve knocked a few off my 101 in 1001 list in the past two months:



11. Have a date night out with Dave We’ve made it out together a few times this summer – a couple times for dinner and a few bike rides.

14. Go for a bike trail ride Been out a few times this summer but not enough! We’ve only made it out to the Pines a few times, and Dave and I did a nice trail in NB at a place called Irishtown. I’m hoping to get out to the Pines several more times before the winter.

30. Go camping We actually only made it out once this summer, for a long weekend at the Pinery.

31. Swim in the ocean Well, the kids swam in the ocean. It was COLD.

32. Take a road trip We did our big trip out east this summer – 2 full weeks! I loved it, even though the weather ended up not being ideal. We stayed at a cottage in NB for a week with my parentsand hit up PEI while we were there, then stayed in St. Andrew’s, NB for a few days (love it there!), and did a quick trip to Quebec City on the way home.

35. Visit 3 places from my list of 85 Places I Would Love to Visit (3/3) Knocked this one off the list while we were out east – we visited PEI (which I absolutely loved), Bouctouche, NB, and Old Quebec City. 

37. Go the the beach We went to lots of beaches in PEI and NB, but the photo above is Kelton at the beach at the Pinery while we were camping.

In Progress:

17. Complete a 5k run Um ya…not going to well. Between bad lungs and being ridiculously out of shape, I’ve made it a single kilometer so far…and haven’t been able to run the entire thing yet. Slow going.

72. Complete our master bedroom So close! We’ve got the new bed in, and will hopefully rip out the yucky carpet this winter. 

So my total for the end of the summer?

15/101 Completed

Not too shabby 😉

Up next is the kid’s summer adventures and a progress report on the 101 Things to Do This Summer.

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