101 in 1001 – March Update

101 in 1001 – March Update

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their long weekend with their families. It’s a small update for me today – I seem to accomplish more through the summer months than I do during the winter.


#10. Take the boys to the movies

We went to see Zootopia over March Break. It was Jacob’s first time going to the movies. He was too cute, he covered his ears whenever it got too loud, and covered his eyes if something got scary. It’s not the greatest pic, but it’s the best I could get in the theatre.
#51. Buy something from a handmade vendor
I got to go to the One of a Kind show in Toronto for the first time yesterday! It was awesome to walk around and see all the handmade hard work, and I loved seeing all the booth set ups as well, even if it was so crazy busy I was feeling extremely claustrophobic by the end of it. There were sooo many things I could have brought home with me, but I ended up going only with this cute scarf from whiteoutworkshop.com
#89. See a professional ballet

Went to see The Four Temperaments, Rubies, and Cacti by the NBC with Denise on March Break. A great day out, and Cacti especially was fantastic!

In Progress

#49. Do 10 crafty or DIY projects from Pinterest (1/10) See the ballerina sign I made for the changeroom at the studio HERE.

#59. Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen before (2/10) Zootopia counts as number two – really need to get to the movies and see something for ME!

#83. Clean up and organize all the toys in the house every few months (2/5) That was another March Break project. I put away a ton of baby toys, moved even more toys down to the basement, and we got them a table for the family room, since they are too big for their picnic table. Guess what? A week later, and you wouldn’t know I cleaned anything!

Updated Total: 22/101

Hoping to follow with my book challenge update shortly!

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