101 in 1001 – Summer Update

101 in 1001 – Summer Update


Well, another summer in the books – it’s crazy to think fall is just around the corner and the kids are back in school on Tuesday. It’s been a busy summer for us, and I wasn’t exactly paying attention to my 101 in 1001 list at all. That said, I still managed to knock quite a few things off the list this summer:



#6. Have a day out with K


Dave, my Dad and I took K to his first Blue Jays game last month. He absolutely loved it. We took the Go train and he thought that was pretty cool. He loved the CN tower, the airplanes and how busy it was – he says he’s going to live in an apartment there when he’s older. 


#8. Have a weekend away with Dave


It’s been so long since we’ve done this! We spent the Friday night at home by ourselves and spent the evening riding the Pines. Saturday morning we headed up to Southampton for the day, and spent the day exploring and biking from Southampton to Port Elgin and back. Spent the night there and came home Sunday. I went to grab a photo for this post and we realized we didn’t take a single picture all weekend. I’m ok with that though! So you get my Strava map instead :p

#15. Go on a hike



Done, bears and all.

#23. Bike to workI’ve managed to do it a few times this summer!

#33. Go to the zoo  


Kelton has his 6th birthday party at the zoo this year!

#36. Go for a canoe rideDid this at Grundy Lake while we were camping (I did enjoy the paddleboard more though!)

#38. Visit a museum



So it was Science North while we were camping, but I’m counting it as a museum. It was perfect for the boys, not too busy, and they got a lot out of it (And Kelton held several large creepy crawlies).

#60. Do a jigsaw puzzleDone, and started on the next one.

#75. Legally change my last nameHa, it only took 7 years, but it is finally, officially, legally done!

#98. Organize the studio office properlyDone.

#99. Put up all the wall art I have sitting around the studioThanks Dave..



In Progress:

#59. Watch 10 movies I’ve never seen before (4/10) – Watched The Maze Runner  & Maze Runner: Scorch Trials this summer. 



Completed 32/101


So much done, yet so much more to do! And big changes in this house again this week when school starts – J is off to JK this year with K going to Grade 1. And only a couple more days until I’m back to work full time.


And as always, I’m hoping to catch up on my book challenge next!

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