2017 – The Year in Books

2017 – The Year in Books

I’ve been terrible this past year with my Reading Recaps and book updates. I did one book review in July, and some pretty bare bones Recaps in August and November, but that was it!


That’s not to say that I didn’t read much this year – I’ve read plenty. I’ve been participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge since 2015 and this year I’ve already surpassed my goal of 55 books for 2017, even though it’s only the beginning of December.

2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Jamie has
completed her goal of reading
55 books in


Completing this also knocks #55 off my 101 in 1001 list (Complete another book list/reading challenge).

As usual, my reading list for the year has covered a wide range of books – fiction, romance, historical, YA, children’s, fantasy and nonfiction are all on the list.

So how did my 2017 books stack up? Here are my top picks for the year:


My Top Favourites

  1. Truthwitch by Susan Dennard I loved this book. It’s the first in a fantasy series by Susan Dennard, and it was so refreshing not to find another fantasy novel full of love triangles and whiny female heroines that constantly make poor decisions. The characters are well-written and interesting, the world building is vibrant and the story is fast paced and exciting. I’m eagerly awaiting the third book in the series, this was a fantasy story done right. (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  2. Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson Every now and then a book just blows you away, and I’ve been lucky enough to read a few of those this year.  Son of a Trickster is a coming of age story about Jared, a sixteen year old burnout from a dysfunctional family who is trying to figure out life by relying only on himself. It’s incredibly written and the touch of magic really adds to the richness of the story.  (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  3. Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon It’s no secret that the Outlander series has always been one of my favourites. Drums of Autumn has always special for me since it was the first book of the series that I picked up as a teenager. I love the setting in North Carolina even more than the books set in Scotland, and Ian and Rollo have always been two of my favourite characters in the series.  (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  4. Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornoll This book was one that really hit home for me this year. It’s a YA novel, but one that is just as relevant for adults. I really loved how this story unfolded and it was an important, eye-opening read I’d recommend to just about anyone. You can read my full review here.  (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.


Powerful Reads

  1. Wenjack by Joseph Boyden If you haven’s read this yet, DO IT. It’s a short book with an incredibly powerful story. One review I read said it should be required reading for every Canadian high school student, and I can totally get on board with this. (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  2. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood This was my first time reading anything my Margaret Atwood, and I was not disappointed. The Handmaid’s Tale was compelling and fascinating, and definitely worth a read. (5 of 5 Stars) Read more about this book here.
  3. Born With A Tooth by Joseph Boyden Joseph Boyden is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I’m rarely disappointed when I pick up one of his books. This one is a collection of short stories. (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.


What to Stay Away From


  1. The entire Black Mage series Ok, I read this series back in the spring, and I still get worked up about it. There are some good moments, especially in the first two books, but from the beginning there was something I didn’t like about the relationship between the two main characters. This really solidified for me in the last two books, when it devolved into a true physically and emotionally abusive relationship. There was so much wrong with it, and what makes me truly angry is the way everything is just…explained away. Justified and romanticized and they still live happily ever after. Never mind the dysfunction, the emotional blackmail, lack of respect and the all out torture and physical abuse. Nope. And reading all the 5 star reviews on Goodreads that gush about the romantic relationship in the story drives me absolutely crazy. Seriously, this is not romantic and not something to strive for – rant over. For now. Read more about this series here.


What I’ve Reviewed

Under rose tainted skies

  1. Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall You can read my full review here.


This Would Make A Great Christmas Gift

  1. Son of A Trickster by Eden Robinson I just love this one so much and I think most readers would enjoy it just as much as I did. Read more about this book here.
  2.  Wenjack by Joseph Boyden See above! Read more about this book here.
  3. Born to Run by Christoper McDougall This was a really interesting read! I’m not a runner, but I still found most of it really fascinating. It would be a great gift for anyone who loves running or different cultures. Read more about this book here.


Top Kids Books


  1. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg A Christmas favourite in our house, we read this one all year round. It’s a classic for sure. (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  2. The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield Great story and beautiful artwork about not being afraid of the dark and being fascinated with the nighttime sky and the endless possibilities of space. (4 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  3. The New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky I’ve loved the poems in this book since I was a kids, and my boys howl with laughter at all of them. It makes for an entertaining story time! This is one of those books that will stay on your kids shelf forever (splurge on the hardcover). (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.


Honorable Mentions

These are a few of the other books that stood out for me this year and are worth a read!

  1. The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon  (4 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  2. Angel of Redemption by J.A. Little (5 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  3. Because of Miss Bridgerton (4 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.
  4. North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person (4 of 5 stars) Read more about this book here.


Overall, I’m pretty happy with how my reading has gone this year! I’ve managed a great mix of books, which will hopefully continue into next year. I’ve got some ideas on how I’m going to do my next 101 Books list – I’m excited and looking forward to it! And I promise, I’ll be better about my Reading Recaps!




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  1. Under Rose Tainted Skies is also one of the books that I loved the most this year! It’s very powerful and heartwarming.

    1. I really loved it, it was very meaningful! Thanks for stopping by!

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