101 Books in 1001 Days: Read the North

101 Books in 1001 Days: Read the North


As promised, I didn’t forget about my book challenge! In addition to beginning my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days challenge today, I am also beginning my next 101 Books challenge.

101 Books in 1001 Days is a challenge that I’m doing for the third time now and it’s still probably my favourite book challenge to date. I love the flexibility of it and the time I have to complete it, and I am super excited for this round.

I’ve chosen an overall theme for my challenge this time, READ THE NORTH. All 101 of my books will be by Canadian authors this time, a twist I am really looking forward to. I’ve been reading more and more Canadian books overs the last couple of years, and there really are so many interesting, excellent, amazing books by Canadian authors out there just waiting to be picked up.


I’ve borrowed the name from an old Indigo.ca campaign from a few years ago. I received a book bag for Christmas this year with Read the North on it, and I thought it encompassed exactly what I am trying to do over the next 1001 days.

My start date is December 29, 2017 and my end date is September 25, 2020!



Join the Challenge

Are you taking the challenge of 101 Books in 1001 Days? If so, leave a link below to your list, or use the hashtag #101bookchallenge or #101books on Instagram. (You don’t have to have the same start date as me – any 101 list you have, I want to see it!) If you have a .published list, I’ll make a list at the bottom of my 101 Books page of all the different 101 Books challenges out there.

You can follow along with my progress here on the blog, or Instagram or you can join in on Facebook.

You can also find me on Goodreads and add me as a friend to share in my progress!


Here’s the list:

101 Books in 1001 Days: READ THE NORTH


The other thing I’m doing right now is slowly putting together a list of Canadian authors and books to get my list going. I’ve got a pretty good start, but I’d love some more recommendations if you have any.

Wish me luck!


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