I’m Finding My Niche

I’m Finding My Niche


I’ve been blogging on and off for years, usually with no thought to the bigger picture. I’ve never been sure of the direction I’m heading in, or put any kind of plan into place in regards to scheduling, marketing or end goals.

I’ve certainly never thought about what kind of niche I fall into.

Blogging for me has always been more about writing about whatever I want to write about, whenever I want to. I’ve always written more for me, with little thought as to who else is reading it. The result of that? Sporadic postings on my end, with a mishmash of themes and very few page views, usually only from friends and family.


You may have noticed lately that I’ve been putting forth a little more effort into posting regularly. I’ve also been putting more effort into using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to promote A Simple Something. It’s baby steps, but I want to commit to writing here on a more regular basis, and I want to do all the right things to promote my blog and build it up.

It’s a learning process, that’s for sure.

One of the big questions I keep asking myself is What kind of blog is this? I keep reading about niches and how you need a specific niche to be successful and… well… I’m kind of all over the place.


So what is my focus? I’ve considered several different niches, and right now I don’t neatly fit into any of them.

Travel? Lifestyle? Parenting? Family? Adventure? Bookish? Outdoors? Minimalism? Bucket List?

That’s a lot of different categories, and I tend to touch a little bit on each of them but not enough to actually fall into that specific niche. I think I can count parenting out – that’s definitely not a focus of mine, though I may touch on it at times.

I’m not a travel blogger, though I touch on trips that we’ve taken, and I hope to do more of that in the future as I work my way through my list of 101 Adventures. So we can scratch travel off that list too.

Lifestyle blog? I suppose, but my idea of lifestyle apparently isn’t the same as the rest of the internet. Look up lifestyle blogs and you get a whole lot of fashion, beauty, travel and home decor. Definitely not a category I fit into.

Adventure and outdoors? Yes I can see myself in this category, but in a very family-based way, if that makes sense? I’m not a hardcore hiker or backcountry camper, but I love the outdoors and during the summer months we spend a lot of time camping and mountain biking and on everyday adventure type things. And, this has the bonus of playing into my 101 Adventures that I plan to chronicle.

I’m not a true book blogger, but I like sharing what I’m reading and loving. I’m not a true minimalist (and never will be), but I aspire to simplify life and not get caught up in the everyday whirlwind of chaos that is sometimes my life.


So where does that leave me?

(kudos if you’re still with me on this mind dump of mine)

I’m still figuring it out. As best I can tell, at this moment I am a:

Family/Outdoor Adventure/Simple Life kind of blog… and some bookish tendencies sneak in from time to time.

It’s still a bit broad, but it’s a work in progress. I figure the more I write, the more my niche will start to stand out to me and to those reading.

I can’t be the only one who has this problem as I learn to navigate the blogging world. Sometimes I wish I had a very specific idea right from the get go and was able to build my writing around that.

Are you a blogger? If you’re a blogger, how did you find your niche? Or are you like me, still trying to figure it all out?


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