Favourite Canadian Books to Read with Your Kids

Favourite Canadian Books to Read with Your Kids



My Read the North Challenge is only a month underway, and I’ve been off to a slow, if steady start. After reading one of the books the boys got for Christmas – Carson Crosses Canada – I realized that many of the fantastic books we read with our kids are by Canadian authors and many of them really showcase what it means to be a Canadian. I wondered if we made a kids version of my Read the North list, if we’d be able to fill it before my 1001 days are up. I started going through the kids bookshelves and I think it’s safe to say we would meet the goal long in advance of the deadline day. In fact, I challenged my seven year old to see if we could complete it by the end of the year. He’s game, as always.

I suggested making a special chart or list to keep track of the books we read. He agreed, but his plan was much different than mine. No fancy list here – he immediately opened the Goodreads app on my iPad and explained how he would use the bar code scanner to make his list. Kids and technology, geez…

I went digging through the boys shelves and came up with some of our favourites by Canadian children’s authors. There was plenty to choose from and I wanted to share with you. If you’re thinking of starting a similar type of challenge with your kids, these are some perfect Canadian books to start with.


Our Favourite Canadian Kids Books


carson crosses canadaCarson Crosses Canada by Linda Bailey

This book has become a fast favourite. It covers the journey of Carson, a dog, as he takes a cross country road trip with his owner. The coast to coast journey makes a stop in every province, and my kids love following along with the map in the front cover. Wonderfully written and a great adventure.




MortimerMortimer by Robert Munsch

To be fair, I probably could have written this entire list with only Robert Munsch books. We’re big fans in this house. But Mortimer is a special favourite. My boys have perfected their volume levels of Mortimer’s song, from whisper quiet to ear shattering loud (sorry, neighbours). As a special treat, sometimes we’ll youtube a reading of the book by Robert Munsch himself, which is always highly entertaining.




good morning canadaGood Morning, Canada by Andrea Lynn Beck

A perfect books for the little ones, it’s simple and cute, with bright and fun artwork depicting all the wonderful things about Canada. Also perfect for the nights where bedtime stories need to be quick and easy!





in the red canoeIn the Red Canoe by Leslie Davidson

This book is about spending time outdoors with grandpa – something I know my kids can relate to. Nicely written, but it’s the illustrations that really capture the feeling of this book and keep my kids coming back to it.





jillian jiggsJillian Jiggs by Phoebe Gilman

Okay, I admit I haven’t read this series with the kids yet, but I loved the Jillian Jiggs books as a kid. Definitely a classic, I need to get my hands on a copy. The story of Jillian Jiggs is one that can inspire many hours of playtime adventures!




alligator pieAlligator Pie by Dennis Lee

Silly poems are always a hit with my kids, and the ones in this book are no exception. This is another classic and I’m sure it will be on our shelves for years to come. This book is entertaining and fun, and as a plus you can pick and choose which poems to read, without going cover to cover.





me you red canoeMe, You and the Red Canoe

We read this book for the first time last night, and we were not disappointed. My oldest said, “Oh Mama, this book has such nice pictures” and it really does. The artwork is amazing, and it’s of scenes that my kids can relate to – Northern Ontario lakes and trees, campsites and canoes. They immediately started reminiscing about previous camping trips and where we’ve canoed and the wildlife we’ve seen. It was a beautifully written book, and one I’d highly recommend.





These seven books are really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great children’s books out there that are written by Canadian authors. I’ll make an effort to update everyone on how our little challenge goes, and please keep following along with my own Read the North challenge as well! You can also follow along with me on Goodreads if you like. What are some of your kids favourite Canadian books?


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