101 Adventures in 1001 Days: Latest Update

101 Adventures in 1001 Days: Latest Update

The Update

The last time I gave an update on my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days it was MARCH. I may be overdue, but it isn’t because I’ve been slacking on my adventures. I have lots to share today!

In March I had only been at my new list for two and a half months and I had completed 8 goals. Now, I’m starting month eleven of my challenge and I am happy to say my total goals completed is now 25, with another 3 goals in progress.

If this is your first time visiting, the 101 Adventures in 1001 Days is a challenge I began on December 28, 2017. I made a list of 101 different things that I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. This is my third time doing a 101 challenge. You can see my list of adventures here.

 Enjoying the bike trails at Christie Lake


Adventures I’ve Completed

(be sure to check out the links to our adventures in blue!)

#5 Take a day trip costing less than $75. We’ve mastered this one, as we’ve gotten into a great habit of hopping in the truck, maybe loading up the bikes and taking the kids out for an afternoon of hiking or bike riding. Christie Lake, Sherman Falls, The Pines and our local trails are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

#17 Teach Kobi to swim. Well he can swim. He proved this time and again by showing us how fast he could get out of the water. This dog hates water.

Planning his escape

#18 Go paddle boarding. I love paddle boarding. We rented one for a few hours at Arrowhead Provincial Park and it was perfect for a day at the lake.

#20 Spend the day at the beach. Also knocked this one off the list while we were at Arrowhead this summer. I love that this beach is a short walk from our campsite and it’s a perfect swimming spot.

#21 Paddle a canoe. We rented a canoe while we were at Silent Lake Provincial Park this summer, and let me tell you, this lake is gorgeous. My only regret is that I didn’t get an pictures – I was too paranoid that Kobi was going to try to make a break for it and tip the canoe.

#22 Go swimming and #26 Swim in a lake or ocean. Ok, so maybe I knew going in that both of these goals would be completed easily. Between pool swimming and lake swimming, we spent a lot of time in the water this past summer.

#31 Ride a fat bike. I was so excited to try out a fat bike while we were at Arrowhead Provincial Park! It was an awesome experience, and I’m itching to get my own (especially for this time of year). While the Arrowhead rentals weren’t in the best condition, it was still worth it.

The fat bike I got to ride at Arrowhead

#35 Ride 500km in a year. When I set this goal last December, I was basing it off how much I rode in 2017 (almost 400km). I figured I would be able to hit 500, but I’m happy to say I’m currently sitting at 612km for 2018 (majority trail), knocking my goal out of the water.

#37 Participate in the Dairy Capital Stampede. A goal I wasn’t sure if I would complete in 1001 days, but I’m so happy I did. You can read more about my experience racing at Ride Your Bike: Finding Myself on the MTB Trail.

#38 Do a ride with K & J. Many down, many more to come.

#41 Do a group ride. So happy I joined in with a newly formed ladies group at our local trails this summer!

#42 Camp at a park we’ve never been to before. We tried Silent Lake Provincial Park this year and loved it. It was a beautiful little park with some great hiking.

Silent Lake

#46 Have a campfire. Camping = campfire. So glad we managed to miss all the fire bans while camping this year.

#56 Visit 5 different waterfalls. K and I made a mission of finding and visiting as many waterfalls as we could. Read about it in Hiking to Hamilton’s Waterfalls.

#57 Go on a hike. All the hikes! I’ve been bitten by the hiking bug this year and although most of our hikes have been kid friendly, I’ve got some big plans for next year. Check out some of our local trails here.

Kobi loves to hit the trail

#66 Jump on a trampoline. The kids got a trampoline this past summer, so I’ve put it to good use.



Whew, that’s quite the round up when you put it all on paper! I’m excited with the progress of my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days so far and looking forward to continuing. In reflection, turning this challenge into 101 Adventures instead of 101 Things has been really worthwhile for me and way more engaging than if I had stuck with the original challenge.

Over the past year we’ve really made an effort to spend more time together as a family in the outdoors, and it’s created some really great experiences for us. While we’ve always enjoyed camping and being outside, the outdoors have now become our default when we’re looking for something to do together, and that’s a pretty positive lifestyle change. Challenging myself to complete a list of 101 Adventures in 1001 Days is only a tiny part of that, but it gave us a starting point and it’s created discussion about what we want to get out of our lives – and that’s something great.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I often post about my 101 challenge and my outdoor adventure with the kids with the hashtags #101in1001 #101adventures or #asimplesomething.  You can join me on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.  Or, you can follow me on Bloglovin or subscribe via e-mail to be alerted to each new post!


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