Well I’m a little late, but I figure that’s ok considering the craziness of my life in the last two weeks. Between ballet exams last Thursday, Niagara Falls for competition Thursday-Sunday, house showings this week, start of the month books, teaching at IDCI, starting ticket sales, regular classes, photo dayRead More →

I was originally going with a list of 100 books that I could read within by 1001 days, but I figured I might as well add one more and make it 101. And do you know how hard it was to make a list of 101 books I wanted toRead More →

Ever the procrastinator, I think I’ve been spending more time reading other people’s blogs than working on my own. Anyways, in all my blog-stalking I came across someone doing this challenge, and I liked the idea. So I decided to create my own list of 101 things that I wantRead More →