I only had time for one craft show this fall, and it was just a 3 hour one. I was really hoping to do more, but everything around here was on Saturday mornings – and there’s no way I could take a Saturday morning off from the studio. I knowRead More →

Some special orders to share today! Plus one more in the works that I hope to have photos of by the end of the day. I love that feeling when you finish a project! This one is a set of wooden stand alone blocks for two brothers: I love howRead More →

I was going to take pictures of every step so I could show everyone a tutorial of sorts, but once I got going I completely forgot. So this is the quick version. I’ll make another attempt next time! So I start with this: And then add this: Skip a fewRead More →

I’m a bit behind on sharing the projects I’ve been working on for the last couple months, so now that I’m having a lazy day (and both boys are sleeping at the same time!) I thought I’d get to sharing them. I know it looks like I’ve done a lot,Read More →

I finally had some time to get outside and take a few photos tonight. I am more than ready for summer break when I will have more time to do stuff like this! Here’s a few from after a thunder storm this evening. The house (which is for sale ifRead More →