Well I’m a little late, but I figure that’s ok considering the craziness of my life in the last two weeks. Between ballet exams last Thursday, Niagara Falls for competition Thursday-Sunday, house showings this week, start of the month books, teaching at IDCI, starting ticket sales, regular classes, photo dayRead More →

Some photos from Easter at my parents house last night. Only of the 3 of us though, since no one else was really into getting their picture taken (my mum would probably shoot me if I posted any of the ones I took of her, lol)Read More →

Unfortunately, Easter has been downgraded from 3 parts to 2 parts this year. No Easter at Dave’s mums this year because of Mary’s unplanned stay at the hospital this weekend (feel better soon Mary!). We were at Dave’s dads for lunch today and are home for a short break beforeRead More →

Not so much, even though it’s the middle of April. But since the house is up for sale, we’ve got to get the yard cleaned up anyways. Unfortunatly my spring pictures look like they were taken in November.Read More →

I was originally going with a list of 100 books that I could read within by 1001 days, but I figured I might as well add one more and make it 101. And do you know how hard it was to make a list of 101 books I wanted toRead More →

Ever the procrastinator, I think I’ve been spending more time reading other people’s blogs than working on my own. Anyways, in all my blog-stalking I came across someone doing this challenge, and I liked the idea. So I decided to create my own list of 101 things that I wantRead More →

Yesterday, (April 9th) was my grandpa’s 92nd birthday. We headed up to my aunts in Brampton to see him and the rest of the family for the afternoon. It was good to see everyone, and a happy birthday to Grandpa! K and Great-Grandpa Charlotte playing in the sandbox K andRead More →

Dave’s been getting right into the picture taking lately. I think he’s had more chances to use the camera then I have! Here’s a few cute ones he took:  K and cousin Mason 🙂 How come it seems like I never get to see Mason (and Mary and Nelson ofRead More →