101 Adventures – Why You Should Try This Challenge instead of Making a New Years Resolution

101 Adventures in 1001 Days One year ago today, I began a new journey, creating a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. I didn’t set any New Years resolutions, and I didn’t want to do another typical round of 101 Things in 1001 Days. Instead,

Exploring Egan Chutes in Bancroft, ON. This Ontario waterfall belongs on your bucket list!

Exploring Egan Chutes Provincial Park

Egan Chutes is a spectacularly beautiful waterfall. This was the perfect short hike for us during our Silent Lake camping trip and the waterfall views were breathtaking. Located near Bancroft, Ontario, Egan Chutes Provincial Park is a non-operating park – this means it is not maintained and the trails are

Non-Toy Gift Guide for Adventurous Kids

I’m so excited to share my very first gift guide with all of you! If you’re like me, you probably find Christmas shopping for the kids stressful. They already have absolutely everything they need, they really don’t need any more toys, but you still want them to have the magic

The Best Books for Adventure in the Great Outdoors

I’ve recently rediscovered a genre of books that I had completely forgotten about for years- books about adventure in the great outdoors. As a kid, this was a genre that I devoured, with books like Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell and Julie of

101 Adventures in 1001 Days: Latest Update

The Update The last time I gave an update on my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days it was MARCH. I may be overdue, but it isn’t because I’ve been slacking on my adventures. I have lots to share today! In March I had only been at my new list for two

Ride Your Bike: Finding Myself on the MTB Trail

#RIDEYOURBIKE Several years ago, after my first son was born, my husband and I decided to start bike riding. Neither one of us had ridden a bicycle in years and at best, were casual riders when we were in our teens. But we knew that we wanted to bike with

5 Trails to Visit in Oxford County This Fall

Fall is the best time of year to get outside. A cool, sunny day is by far my favourite and the colours are visually stunning. It’s a season that I wish lasted much longer. With the kids back in school and work routines getting back to normal, it can be

Hiking to Hamilton’s Waterfalls

Hiking to Sherman Falls in Hamilton, ON @ A Simple Something

3 Must Visit Ontario Provincial Parks

  I can look out my window and see the leaves beginning to turn, but summer is still fresh in my mind. We managed to pack a whole lot into a short amount of time this past summer, and as much as I love the fall weather, I’m sad to

A Late Summer Hello

  It’s been quiet around here on the blog front lately. We’ve cruised through most of the summer without a much of a peep from me, and my only excuse is that I’ve been too busy doing rather that writing about doing. Which in itself is not a bad thing,

101 Adventures: The Update

I’m now 10 weeks in to my current 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge: 101 Adventures. With the seasons (hopefully!) starting to change, I knew it was time for an update. I’m happy to say that I’m exactly where I should be, and I’ve completed 8 goals in the last two and a half months. Considering the dreary, snowy weather that we’ve been having, I was surprised I’ve accomplished that much – I figured that I would complete the majority of my adventures during the summer months.
So what have I accomplished so far on my list of 101 Adventures?

MacGregor Point is a hidden gem when it comes to Ontario provincial parks. We’ve had the opportunity to visit several times now and each time we’re thrilled with the experience. Located along Lake Huron, the park offers many summer and winter activities, along with year-round camping. We visited the park this past weekend for a day trip and got to experience winter in a provincial park for the very first time.

Enjoying Winter at MacGregor Point

MacGregor Point is a hidden gem when it comes to Ontario provincial parks. We’ve had the opportunity to visit several times now and each time we’re thrilled with the experience. Located along Lake Huron, the park offers many summer and winter activities, along with year-round camping. We visited the park

6 DO NOTs for Your First Camping Trip

Do you feel that? Warmth. Sunshine. There may be piles of snow on the ground, but for the first time in months I didn’t freeze my butt off at the bus stop this morning. I know that winter is far from over, but I’ll take whatever little victories I can

101 Things in 1001 Days: Keeping the Excitement Alive Over 33 Months

101 Things in 1001 Days The number of things is catchy and the number of days is supposed to make you feel that you have all the time in the world. It’s supposed to be a balance between a New Year’s resolution and a bucket list – The resolutions are

Favourite Canadian Books to Read with Your Kids

  My Read the North Challenge is only a month underway, and I’ve been off to a slow, if steady start. After reading one of the books the boys got for Christmas – Carson Crosses Canada – I realized that many of the fantastic books we read with our kids

Biking With Kids: The Perfect Solution to Ditching the Bike Trailer

Our youngest has a birthday coming up, and we’re shopping for a new bike for him. He figured out the two wheel thing at the end of last summer, so it’s time for an upgrade. Just this morning, he told me that he was going to ride his bike on

Simple Outdoor Adventures That Are Close to Home

I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve really been making an effort to get outside and stay active through these long, cold winter months. It’s tough sometimes, especially when all I want to do is cozy up inside under a blanket and there’s white stuff coming down out of the sky.

I’m Finding My Niche

I’ve been blogging on and off for years, usually with no thought to the bigger picture. I’ve never been sure of the direction I’m heading in, or put any kind of plan into place in regards to scheduling, marketing or end goals. I’ve certainly never thought about what kind of

Summer Planning 101

  It’s two weeks in, but I’m very much still in the planning stages of my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days. I’ve completed just one thing on my list – Go for a walk in the snow. Which, let’s face it, was fairly easy considering the weather we’ve had. That

Seven Ways I’m Trying to Simplify My Life

You know that feeling of just being so overwhelmed with everything, that you think it might be easier to do nothing instead? You’re so over-scheduled with activities, appointments, works events, chores, just everything, that you feel like you don’t have a single moment to yourself, let alone any free time

Book Challenge 2018: Just Love Reading

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to decide on which book challenges I’m going to participate in this year. I’ve considered several, including  Beat the Backlist, the Read Harder Challenge, and the Cross Canada Challenge. Then I found this: The Master List of 2018 Reading Challenges. Then I

Prep For A Happy Year

And just like that, it’s 2018. A new year, new things to look forward to, a fresh start! With a new beginning to my 101 in 1001 list, other personal goals and plenty of book challenges, I have lots to keep me busy this year, but I’m not feeling overwhelmed.

101 Books in 1001 Days: Read the North

As promised, I didn’t forget about my book challenge! In addition to beginning my 101 Adventures in 1001 Days challenge today, I am also beginning my next 101 Books challenge. 101 Books in 1001 Days is a challenge that I’m doing for the third time now and it’s still probably

101 in 1001: The New List

Here it is! As promised, my fourth 101 in 1001 list, with a start date of tomorrow, December 28, 2017. It will finish in September of 2020, giving me about 2.75 years to complete all the goals on this list. This is my version of a New Year’s resolution. Instead

101 in 1001: The Finale!

  Well, this is it, I’ve made it to the end! 1001 days have passed and I’ve finished my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge. Let me tell you, trying to wrap up the odds and ends on my list during the holiday season was tough – there were a

Chugging Along Till the End: 101 in 1001

The clock is ticking down now. Only 8 days left of my 101 in 1001 challenge! I spent a quick minute being disappointed that I haven’t crossed more goals off my list -then I realized I’m still going to do better than last time, and that completing a set of

REVIEW: Angel of Redemption

This is actually a review I wrote last January, but never ended up posting on the blog. In posting it now, I’m wrapping up number 64 on my 101 in 1001 list: Write 5 book reviews and post them on the blog. Rereading this review reminded me that this book needs to be