The License Plate Game Printable

The License Plate Game Printable

Hard to believe it is almost halfway through September and the kids are back in school! I’m still catching up on my summer posts!

One of the things I did this summer before we began our road trip was put together a travel binder for each of the boys – you know the books full of things for kids to do on long car rides that you see all over Pinterest? I filled them full of printables placed in clear page protectors (so afterwards they could erase them and start over), colouring pages, activities, stickers, etc. The boys were pretty excited (though J could have done without – he wasn’t quite old enough for anything other than the colouring).

One of the things I put in the binder was a License Plate Game – and let me tell you, Dave and I probably had more fun with this than K. Oh the competition!



It’s basically a printable showing all of the license plates from Canada and the US. We made it into an ongoing competition for the two weeks we were away. Whoever saw a new plate first got a point. If you already had the plate crossed off your list, the point would go to the other person.



It’s a great game for older kids on long road trips. And for competitive adults as well 😉


By the end of two weeks we had crossed off a total of 33 license plates out of 63. The only Canadian ones we didn’t find were the Yukon and Nunavut (And yes I scored the Northwest Territories, polar bear shaped and all).
I made the printable myself, as the only versions I could find online didn’t include the Canadian provinces. So far this is the ONLY version I’ve seen that has both the Canadian provinces and the US states together. Feel free to right click on the image below to save it and print off your copy, and I would appreciate a link back!



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